Bahnschrift Font

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Font Type: Free
Format: TTF
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Bahnschrift Sans Serif Font is a modern font that has been created by Microsoft for use in their applications. Bahnschrift Font combines the classic, elegant look of a sans serif typeface with modern features, such as rounded corners and italicized letterforms. The font is highly readable and perfect for both digital and print media.

Bahnschrift Sans Serif Font features an extensive selection of weights and styles, allowing users to tailor their designs to fit any project or purpose. From lightweights to bold weights, this font includes options to suit all design needs.

Bahnschrift Font

Bahnschrift is a sans serif typeface first developed by Microsoft for use in the Windows operating system. Its modern design makes it perfect for text displays such as websites, advertisements, documents, and presentations. The name Bahnschrift comes from its similarity to railroad lettering which was seen in Germany during the 1940s.