Bodoni Font

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Name Bodoni Font
Type Vox-ATypI
Designer Giambattista Bodoni
File Format Opentype & Truetype
License Free for Commercial Use
Type Free Version



Bodoni a name that resonates through the world of typography and design is renowned for its elegance and timeless appeal. The Bodoni Font named after its creator Giambattista Bodoni was first designed in the late 18th century in Parma, Italy. Bodoni, a skilled typographer took inspiration from the neoclassical and rationalist movements of his time. His font was characterized by high contrast between thick and thin lines, vertical stress and distinctive geometric shapes. Bodoni’s key characteristics include extreme contrast in stroke width, unbracketed serifs and vertical stress. These features make it instantly recognizable and add a touch of sophistication to any design or text.

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