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Easternation Script Monoline Font is a unique and stylish font family that brings a touch of Eastern flair to any project. Easternation Font is perfect for logos, titles, posters, headlines, and much more. The font has an elegant all-caps design with smooth curves and long tails. This unique typeface features an open format with strong contrast between thick and thin strokes.

The monoline looks especially stunning in lettering projects or logos, as it can be used to create beautiful calligraphic compositions. To the all-caps version, the family also includes two sets of lowercase characters for stylistic flexibility. The inclusion of ligatures makes this typeface even more versatile for both digital and print applications. Furthermore, its clean lines make it perfect for use in logo designs or on webpages without appearing too busy.

Easternation Font

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The font family is composed of five fonts: Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic and Extra Light. Each font offers a distinct look that has been carefully crafted using traditional Chinese calligraphy elements as inspiration. The result is a combination of East meets West with each letter possessing its own personality and charm. Easternation is perfect for any project requiring an exotic touch – from branding to advertising campaigns to book covers; it can be used in both print and digital formats with ease.