Hanken Grotesk Font

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Hanken Grotesk Sans Serif is a popular typeface in the world of design. Hanken Grotesk Font combines simple geometric shapes to form an elegant and legible typeface that’s suitable for both digital and printed media. It features two weights – regular and bold – for more versatility, as well as italics for added emphasis. It also includes multiple OpenType features such as ligatures, tabular figures, fractions, numerators, denominators and ordinals to give your design projects a unique look. The typeface is perfect for titles or body text in magazines, posters or websites due to its clean lines and subtle curves which make it easy to read on any device.

Hanken Grotesk Font

Hanken Grotesk Characters Font

Hanken Grotesk Characters Font 2

Hanken Grotesk is a beautiful, amazing font that has been around since 2010. This font family includes both a Display and Text version of Hanken Grotesk which can be used in any graphic design project. The main feature of this font is its versatility; it can be used for both digital and print applications with ease due to its clean lines and classic, timeless look.

Hanken Grotesk is highly legible even at small sizes, making it perfect for body copy or detailed text designs. Its sharp edges give it an industrial feel while still remaining modern and elegant.