Quicksand Font

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Name Quicksand Font
Type Sans-Serif
Designer Andrew Paglinawan
File Format Opentype & Truetype
License Freeware, Non-Commercial
Type Free Version



The world of typography is vast and varied, with countless fonts available to designers and writers. Among these, the Quicksand font has emerged as a popular choice due to its unique characteristics and versatility. Quicksand Basic Sans Serif Font was created by Andrew Paglinawan. It made its debut in 2008 and quickly gained popularity for its clean and modern design. The font’s name “Quicksand” reflects its smooth and fluid appearance making it an excellent choice for various design projects. It is celebrated for its simplicity and contemporary look. Its clean lines and rounded edges give it a friendly and approachable appearance making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Quicksand Font Free Download

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